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Spruce brings back its acclaimed Sherpa model for the 2012.13 season with a new “Blue Rectangles” graphic. Over the last 4 1/2 seasons, this board has proven its mettle in almost every snow and trail condition for a wide range of rider weights and riding styles. The Sherpa is a board that is at its best when ridden assertively. Let it know clearly what you want it to do and it will respond no matter what the snow is like. It’s at home in conditions ranging from scratchy hardpack and ice to deep powder and piled up crud. Even rough Sierra summer snow is no match for these boards as Jack Jue and friends have proven. The boards are a stellar backcountry rig when equipped with Fritschi touring bindings, crampons and climbing skins. If you are in shape, the Sherpa will be happy to take you here as they did for 82 year-old Sherpa customer Jan Philip.

The Sherpa comes standard this season with inserts for two binding mounting positions: 0mm and -50mm. This gives riders who prefer some setback on asymmetric boards that option.

The Sherpa is available this season (while supplies last) in a package configuration with Tyrolia SL100 bindings and risers and 115mm brakes that work with all skiboards except KTPs and Condors. The binding can be seen here.
They have the same technical specifications as the Pro Sport.

Width profile 16.0/11.2/14.5cm
05/11 Tip and Tail Rocker (5mm / 11cm)


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Weight 8.00 lbs

Spruce 2013 Sherpa 130cm Longboard Skiboards

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