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For the 2019.20 season, the Sherpa returns with two outstanding graphic designs (Western Woodie & Spaceships) by Spruce house designer Caleb Warner. The hi-gloss PBT topsheet is unrivaled. Since their introduction in 2007, these boards have been acclaimed by riders as a powerful all-mountain skiboard. The Sherpa 130 is designed to tackle all conditions, so whether you are on ice, plowing through piles of crud, or dropping through deep powder, these boards will get you through in complete confidence.

Key Features:

All mountain, all conditions skiboard
Extra wide profile (160-112-145) for riding in deep powder and crud
Slight rocker (5/110) at tip and tail for easy turning
Cap construction, weight 1,300g (one board)
Laminated wood core with black sintered base

1 review for Spruce 2020 Sherpa “W Woodie” 130cm Longboard Skiboards

  1. 5 out of 5

    Jonathan Singer (store manager)

    12-12-2019 By Thomas Buividas Wow. Sherpa skis. Wow. I’m at Granite Peak in Wausau Wisconsin. This the biggest ski area in the Midwest. Skied yesterday. Conditions -6 below. Minimal snow. Essentially man made groomed ice/snow corduroy. Sherpas were incredible. Held the ice, carved, edged and skidded with ease. Total control. Also periodic patches of crud which I purposely went through. Total control. Very nice. Today. Surprise. Woke us with 6-18 inches of fresh powder snow and it did not stop snowing all day. Almost whiteout conditions. Deep powder, deep ruts and turning into moguls everywhere. Sherpas were even better. Amazing control. Great speed. Truly like autopilot. Trusted the skis and they did not disappoint. Still carved, skidded a little but mostly just drove through and above it all. An absolute blast. Probably my best day ever in powder. This board rides as easy as any skiboard I have ever ridden from 95 cm to 118 cm, including my rocker-cambered boards. I own and have skied Summits and Revel8s. I really think most of those boards are really good and a ton of fun. But I think the Spruce Mountain Sherpa is the King. This is an amazing skiboard. 1-15-2019 By “Hatt Mazzer” Ultimately, for this skiboarder, the Sherpas are the do it all boards. They are hard charging speedsters when you want them to be, relaxed cruisers when you’re looking for general coasting with friends, playful and exciting when you want to let the inner kid out to explore the world. Ranging through all difficulty and types of terrain [minus the powder missing on the East Coast], I never found myself feeling as though I had compromised my experience or wishing for something… more. Whatever I wanted to experience, these gave it to me and I cannot wait for this weekend to come so that I can experience this again.

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Weight 9.00 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 4 × 4 in

Spruce 2020 Sherpa “W Woodie” 130cm Longboard Skiboards

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5.00 out of 5
(1 customer review)