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Zardoz NOTwax®

Fact#1- 90% of all skiers and boarders do nothing to maintain their bases.
Fact#2- Zardoz NOTwax inproves overall gliding, especially on flat terrain and in variable snow conditions, it reduces friction for easier, tighter turns and helps protect bases. Use Notwax after riding to help prevent edge rust.
NOTwax is a pure liquid Teflon, made by DuPont®, exclusively for Zardoz. Just wipe it on and go. Use NOTwax by itself or on top of wax. In cold snow, polish with a tissue. Works great on unwaxed bases too. 15+ Applications.

Each puck includes:

  • Puck
  • Applicator
  • NOTwax
  • Sticker
  • Instructions

1 review for Zardoz NOTwax®

  1. 5 out of 5

    Robert Brock-Kraebel

    This stuff really works! i took a few runs on the
    revolts without this applied, and i noticed on the
    flats, like always, i would slow down a lot and have
    to skate a lot to just keep moving. Then i put on a
    coat of Notwax, and the next time i hit the flats, i
    was able to just cruise through, and was going
    twice as fast as i was before. There was no
    noticably large change on the steep runs, although
    i could tell i was going a little faster. where this
    really works is on flats, it keeps you going, and cuts
    down your need to skate a lot. I love this stuff!

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Zardoz NOTwax®

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5.00 out of 5
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