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The closest thing to modern day skiboards were first introduced in 1991 by a European company, Kneissel Dachstein. Their BigFoot line featured a foam core, p-tex base and trademark ‘toes’ on the tip.
In ’91 Mark “Trix” Siegenfeld brought back a pair of VSBF Bigfeet from Austria and introduced them to Michael Canon. Michael Canon of the future Canon Skiboards became the West Coast distributor for BigFoot in 1992-93. In 1993 Michael, Tayt Tindall and Victor Holtorf founded Klimax Skiboards. In 1996 Klimax contracted Jarred and Kary Parrelmutter, of soon to be GrooveUSA Skiboards, to produce Klimax skiboards and at the same time, on the opposite coast, Jason Levinthal was designing his own type of skiboards for his soon to be company, Line Skiboards. In 1996 Groove and Line entered into the market, followed by Salomon in 1997.Now most ski companies have jumped in, and out of, the skiboarding bandwagon with their own version of skiblades but most fall short of what true skiboard companies like RVL8, Spruce, Allz and SnowJam have been able to achieve. True skiboards are short, wide, twin tip, have wood cores and 4 bindings inserts, allowing riders to carve like a snowboarder, float through deep powder, shred dense trees, power through moguls and go big in terrain parks, all with the sensation of in-line skating. But, the really cool thing about skiboarding is the flat learning curve. Unlike skiing and snowboarding, the typical first time skiboarder feels comfortable after just a few runs. Green runs become boring, blues become greens, single black diamond runs become blues and double blacks turn into single blacks in just hours.Wikipedia: Skiboarding
If you only remember two things make it these:

  • When using proper skiboards our sport is called skiboarding not
    snowblading or skiblading
  • Don’t use poles! Poles are designed to help you turn long skis and
    take away from the feeling of freedom skiboarding provides.

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