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The holy grail of skiing has always been to chuck your uncomfortable hard ski boots and enjoy the soft comfort of snowboarding boots. While this is just a pipe dream for traditional skiers, skiboarders on the other hand have been experimenting with this option for a few years now. Through individual experimentation and community knowledge sharing here is what we've learned up to this point:

A) While you can take any snowboard bindings and attach them to quality 4x4 skiboards the resulting ride is so poor it outweighs any softboot comfort gains.

B) For this to work 3 things are required:

  • RISER - to lift the bindings. Preferably a solid, light weight riser for more precise edge control
  • EXTRA WIDE THIRD STRAP - to lock your boot to....
  • RIGID, WINGED HIGHBACK - to provide a lateral support structure and a rigid surface for the third strap.

C) No snowboarding company makes a binding with these 3 features so skiboarders have to make or modify their own.


Missouri Risers


Enter the Skiboardsonline.com modified SIMS Cipher Snowboard bindings. High quality snowboard binding? - check. Solid, Lightweight Riser? - check. Third strap? - check. Rigid, winged highback? - check. Order this pair of bindings with your next board purchase, or purchase it alone to install on any 4x4 skiboards, and when you're standing in the bar at the end of an awesome day of skiboarding wearing the same boots you skied in all day you'll understand all the hype.

Key Features of the modified SIMS Cipher Snowboard Bindings:

  • Custom, 100% UHMW, Risers (1 pair included, with hardware, see picture above)
  • Large, Wide, Comfortable 3rd Ratchet Strap
  • Performance-designed aluminum Heelcup
  • Rigid, Winged Highback via the installed Saavi Hook system
  • Ankle Straps: Padded synthetic and nylon; forms quickly and snugly to boots for instant fit; tool-less micro-adjuster for quick changes
  • Toe Strap: Convertible synthetic and nylon; fits snugly over or around the toe; tool-less micro-adjuster
  • Buckles: Double-axis aluminum
  • High-Back: Lightweight nylon with tool-less forward lean adjuster and molded EVA pad
  • Chassis: Nylon base with 15% fiberglass; cored-out sidewalls; 2-piece EVA toe/heel pads; adjustable toe-ramp
WARNING: These bindings do not release in normal use. The use of non-release
bindings may increase the risk of lower leg injury, especially among children

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Add a 9" Hex T wrench + $10.00
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